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Principal’s Message

At Leonia Middle School we are a caring community dedicated to respect, integrity, community, perseverance and responsibility, and learning. Each of these values takes the conscious effort of everyone in the school at making LMS a welcoming place to learn and grow.  By walking into the building every day, faculty and students dedicate themselves to teaching and learning. Your work here is supposed to be challenging and, at times, you may find it even difficult. I encourage you to ask questions, to sit and struggle through hard problems, and to help your classmates when you can. It is through teamwork and compassion that we become effective problem solvers and valuable members of society.  

I am very proud to be the principal of Leonia Middle School.  I am equally proud of the hard work the students, faculty, and staff embark upon every day. It is this hard work that makes LMS a great place to learn. 

David G. Saco