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The National Junior Honor Society is a service learning organization at Leonia Middle School. Membership to this organization is available to our 7th and 8th graders, and is by invitation only, based on the process outlined below.


Determining NJHS eligibility begins with a review of all our 7th and 8th graders' GPA for their Core classes (ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education/Health) over a span of 6 marking periods. In the case of a 7th grader, we will look at their full 6th grade year GPA combined with the first two marking periods of their 7th grade year. For our 8th graders, we calculate their 6 marking period GPA by combining their full 7th grade year GPA with the first two marking periods of their 8th grade year. This data is pulled from our Genesis SIS reporting system after the second marking period is completed, and GPAs are calculated and reported to our NJHS faculty advisor in early spring. Students who hold a minimum 3.8 GPA in Core classes over 6 marking periods will be invited to apply for NJHS membership. 


Students who are academically eligible, and are invited to apply for membership, must submit an application that highlights the activities they engage in that connect to the "Everyday Pillars" of NJHS. These Pillars are: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Character and Citizenship. In addition, students who apply must demonstrate how they live the LMS Core Values each day. The details about what students should include in their application will be explained by our NJHS faculty advisor at the initial NJHS application meeting. Academically eligible students will be invited to attend that meeting, where they will learn about the full application process. Students who are invited to apply for membership must opt into that application process. Completed applications will be reviewed by a faculty selection committee. All student applicants will be informed about the result of their application in writing after the selection process is completed.


No advanced action is required by families or students. GPA calculation is completed for all LMS 7th and 8th graders, and students who meet the 3.8 GPA requirement will receive an invitation to enter into the full NJHS application process.