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How to Notify Attendance Office

Log Student Attendance in the Genesis Parent Portal
Leonia Middle School is rolling out a new feature of the Genesis SIS Parent Portal.  This feature allows parents to notify the district that your child will be absent directly through the Genesis Parent Portal. 
  1. Log on to the Genesis Parent Portal
  2. Under Attendance, click the "Notify Office" found directly on the left column of the page.
    Clicking the link will bring you directly to the ​NOTIFY ATTENDANCE OFFICE​ tab (shown in the picture).
  3. The NOTIFY ATTENDANCE OFFICE screen allows parents to submit notes to the office.
  4. Once on the screen, please:
    • Select whether your child will be absent or tardy.
    • Select which date the notification is for. Parents may select either today or a future date.  Dates in the past will not be allowed. Please note that the cut-off for notifications today is 8:30AM.  After 8:30AM, please call the school and leave a message in the Attendance Mailbox.
    • Optional - You may use "Up through and including" if your child is going to be absent more than one day.
    • If you have multiple children in the district, you may select each one that will be absent/tardy.
    • Enter an attendance note describing why your child will be absent. This note will appear in Genesis on multiple attendance screens.
  5. Please click/hit the ​"Submit to Office"​ button to finish.
  • Parents can keep track of any and all attendance notes they have created at the bottom of the screen. A note is created for each student for each day they will be absent/tardy. Example: If a parent reports their child will be absent on Monday & Tuesday, a separate note will appear for each day.
  • If a parent wishes to remove a submitted note, they do so as long as the note has not yet been processed in Genesis. This is done by hitting the red delete button to the right of the note.
  • Notes that have been processed by the attendance office will appear with a green check next to them.